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Immersing yourself in a topic, getting actively involved and participating directly in expert discussions – this is what the breakout sessions are all about. The SIF offers much food for thought and topics for discussion besides.


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1.1: Out of the innovation prison

Language: German

Never before have we talked so much about innovation - and yet so little changes. Now that viruses have brought the world to a standstill, we can rediscover it. The session addresses the innovation prisons of our present and illuminates ways to break out. It leads to the transformation tasks and mega-markets of the future, but also to the counterculture of the 1950s.

Dr. Joël Luc Cachelin
CEO, Wissensfabrik


1.2: Know-how – the key to business success

Language: German

The success of a business depends on various factors. One of these is the company's own knowledge. In our session, you will learn what strategic challenges companies are faced with today. Using practical examples, we will show how SMEs have established themselves on the market with their inventions – while paying particular attention to the strategic protection of know-how.

Horst-Richard Jekel
SPPC- Group Strategie- und Vertriebsberatung


1.3: Sustainable polymer processing

Language: German

Fast fashion, recycling and the circular economy: the global textile industry is facing immense challenges. In addition to consumer behavior, production processes and technologies as well as advanced materials are the decisive factors in sustainably addressing this disruptive change while considering the regulatory framework.

Jochen Adler
CTO Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Solutions Business Unit
André Wissenberg
Vice President Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions Division


1.4: Deepfake for the industry

Language: German

Untruths are spread through so-called deepfake videos, mainly on social networks. Deceptive false statements by politicians such as Angela Merkel or Barack Obama, for example, deliberately lead to confusion and conspiracy theories among the population. Deepfakes cause some people to shake their heads and fear. Others, however, see countless possible applications for industry and business.

Philipp Schmid
Head Research and Business Development CSEM SA
Ruth Fulterer
Journalist, NZZ


1.5: Designing: Value driven innovation

Language: German

In what way do design and innovation drive, influence and amplify each other? Increase the effectiveness of the product in the market and the overall value for all users (external and internal).

Eva Pauline Bossow
Head of transfer of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies
Simon Widmer
Design Network and Creative Lead
Dominic Sturm
Designer, SDA President, Owner FOND Design GmbH, Lecturer