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Immersing yourself in a topic, getting actively involved and participating directly in expert discussions – this is what the breakout sessions are all about. The SIF offers much food for thought and topics for discussion besides.



Meeting structural change – with Innovation!

Language: German


Many SMEs are in the midst of structural change, which is being further accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. SMEs need to be agile, to adapt to new market realities and to evolve constantly. Innovation is one way to handle structural change. We ask ourselves how innovative Swiss SMEs are and what they need to remain innovative in the future.

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Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency

Martin Wörter
Adjunct Professor, ETH Zurich
Gabriele Schwarz
Business information specialist and innovation expert
Lukas Krienbühl
Communication specialist, Innosuisse


From product innovation to market success – the example of electric mobility

Language: German

DAY 1 Electric mobility based on renewable energies is the key to a sustainable future due to its numerous environmental advantages. Innovative solutions for environmental-friendly mobility in both private and public transport are already available today. But the number of electric buses in Switzerland, for example, is still relatively small. How do you succeed in gaining acceptance for these innovative solutions so that they can assert themselves on the market? Stefan Kalt, Director of the Regional Transport Services Baden-Wettingen (RVBW), as well as Adrian Wachholz, Head of e-Mobility ABB Switzerland, and Jochen Horn, Product Marketing Director Electrification ABB Switzerland, will use concrete examples from the field of electromobility to discuss which opportunities and risks need to be considered on the way from innovation to broad market success.

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Stefan Kalt
Director, Regional Transport Services Baden-Wettingen (RVBW)
Adrian Wachholz
Head of e-Mobility, ABB Switzerland
Jochen Horn
Product Marketing Director Electrification, ABB Switzerland
Sonja Hasler


Insights to User Centered e-Health Product Design

Language: German

DAY 2 The goal of the presentation is to advance understanding of e-health through the lens of an important global clinical disease: congestive heart failure. The co-founder of Qura, an innovative US start-up, will illustrate the value chain in an e-health based ecosystem. The talk is complemented by Helbling with an overview of technical solutions available for both implant and cloud infrastructure of e-health products, including a high-level decision basis for technology selection.

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Jean-Noël Fehr
Senior Vice President & Partner, Helbling Technik Bern AG
Stefan Troller
Senior Vice President & Partner, Helbling Technik Bern AG
William G. Hendren, MD
CEO, Qura Inc.


A functional metal skin for plastic

Language: English


Plastic metallization fascinates designers and the industrial sector since years. Products with a shiny metallic look are fashionable and raise perceived value. Increased environmental and functional requirements led scientists and engineers to develop new coating technologies. REACH compliant and environmentally friendly.

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Christof Späth
Head of Business Line PDC, Oerlikon Balzers
Julius Schmidt
Head of Sales PDC, Oerlikon Balzers


Trusted Information – Blockchain for more efficient industry solutions

Language: German


Especially in times of upheaval and subsequent increased regulatory requirements, companies are looking for new ways to remain profitable and further develop their business. Are you interested in topics such as security and transparency, faster time-to-market, the development of new business models, new digital customer experiences and supply chain optimisation? Together with our guests, we will highlight solutions and practical examples from various industries.

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Swiss Post

Adrian Mühlethaler
Head of Swiss Trust Chain & Senior Product manager for new business models based on Blockchain, Swiss Post
Alexander Wirth
Senior eBusiness Developer, Swiss Post


Sustainable corn innovations and intellectual property

Language: German


The reduction of CO2 emissions and the preservation of our ecosystems are the challenges of our time. Clean technologies and products are therefore more in demand than ever. This is also driving innovation in Switzerland. One example is Cormo AG from Biel/Bienne with its peat substitute made from corn stalks. Find out how the innovation came about and what role intellectual property plays.

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Stefan Grass
CEO, Cormo AG
Dr. Marco D’Alessandro
Policy Advisor, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Prof. Dr. sc.nat. Heinz Müller
Patent Expert, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property