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Immersing yourself in a topic, getting actively involved and participating directly in expert discussions – this is what the breakout sessions are all about. The SIF offers much food for thought and topics for discussion besides.


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Cracking the code of creativity

Language: English

We’ve been spoon-fed the notion that creativity is the province of genius -- of those favored, brilliant few whose moments of insight arrive in unpredictable flashes of divine inspiration. The Laws of Creativity are about why most ideas fail, and how you can flip your odds so most of your ideas succeed. Our culture's so-called geniuses have an intentional process for consistent success. Allen will explore essiential questions such as can creativity be learned and why does an entrepreneur require creativity in the session.

Neurological and psychological mechanisms behind flashes of genius

The “20% principle” strategy of famous creators

How imitation helps to create ideas with the right mix of familiarity

Allen Gannett
Big data entrepreneur and author of “The Creative Curve”


Try. Fail. Learn. Together.

Language: English

In the digital age, the primary focus for all business leaders is on understanding customers and finding new ways of innovation. Challenge: How to learn about the individual level of digital transformation of customers and what it means for their industry. On the basis of concrete examples, the session will illustrate that co-creation-workshops are a central approach for creating and developing innovation.

Importance of co-innovation

How to meet customer needs best

Tailored customer solutions

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Janina Vinklere
Program and Community Manager, ABB
Lilac Lopez
Global Program Manager, ABB
Paula Rios-Rodriguez
Project Manager Digital Solutions, ABB


HTClean – The Reinvented Toilet

Language: English

In this session, the example of the HTClean toilet system will be prensented, illustrating how simple experiments lead to the realization of a variety of process modules in an iterative, agile approach. In the frame of the "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, those modules were then further developed into a complex toilet system for in-home application.

Complex Challenges are tackled by a combination of experiments and simulations

Fast Prototyping is based on a sequence of small experiments

An adaptive design-of-experiments approach lead to a fast-track development

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Helbling Technik

Dr. med. / BSc ZFH Christian Forrer
Specialict at Helbling Technik


How do I create radical innovation?

Language: German

Product innovations alone are often no longer sufficient today. In order to remain competitive, radical innovations are needed that change the market and the company dramatically. Using a concrete use case, Innosuisse and Spark Works show how radical innovation can be created and implemented with the help of design thinking and human-centered design.

How radical (vs. incremental) innovation can emerge

Design Thinking and Human-centered Design as tools for Innovation

Instruments develped by Innosuisse to promote science-based innovation

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Marc Pauchard
Head of Knowledge Transfer & International Collaborations Divison, Innosuisse
Linda Armbruster
and Design Partner,
Spark Works AG
Alan Cabello
Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Spark Works AG
Anja Wyden Guelpa
Founder and CEO, Think Tank civicLab Geneva
Dr Stephan Koch
Chief Technology Officer, Adaptricity AG


The art of discovering new materials

Language: German

Conventional alloy engineering may take years. Developing new alloys with the help of smart data processing delivers results in weeks/months. Learn how big data boost the discovery of new materials and new properties.

Disruptive innovation - developing new materials in weeks instead of years

Rapid Alloy Development for calculating billions of alloy possibilities

New, superior materials, developed much faster and economic

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OC Oerlikon

Dr Helmut Rudigier
Group CTO, OC Oerlikon Management AG