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André Kudelski

President INNOSUISSE AND CEO Kudelski Group

As a qualified EPFL physicist, André Kudelski is at home in matters of technology, cyberspace and the Internet of Things. He began his career in 1984 as a research and development engineer at Kudelski. Seven years later, he succeeded his father as CEO of the Kudelski Group.

As President of the Innosuisse Board, Mr Kudelski has his finger on the pulse of Swiss innovation. This Swiss innovation agency was set up by the federal government to strengthen the innovative power and propensity to innovate of Swiss SMEs and to bolster the Swiss start-up ecosystem.

The World Economic Forum nominated Mr Kudelski as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” and in 1996 he received the Emmy® Award from the US National Academy of Arts and Sciences for achievements in the field of pay-TV-dependent access and encryption systems.

keynote | English

09.35 a.m.


"Plan for success, but be ready to fail... and restart again."

In his keynote, André Kudelski presents the swiss innovation ecosystem. The president of Innosuisse quotes that innovation is the key to success. For several years now, switzerland has been regarded as the number one country in the field of innovation. He stresses that it is challenging to stay in this position.

Looking at an innovation, you have the input and the output. The qualified EPFL physicist point out that especially the output is important and leading to the results. For example Casey Neistat who was talking before, maximised his output by minimizing his input.

Different dimensions for innovation compound the key elements of Innosuisse. Kudelski also presents the strategic multi-year programme 2021 - 2024.

The CEO of Kudelski Group says that risk is the opportunity cost to create the things that are really great.

He says that it is important to realize that you don't stop learning when you graduate but that that's the moment when you start learning. Especially in a time where the environment is in a constant change in areas such as climate or technology, there is only one way and it is forward.