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Dr James Beacham

Particle Physicist, CERN

Experiments are the passion of James Beacham. At CERN, he uses the Large Hadron Collider to find answers to the biggest questions in physics. He hunts for dark matter, gravitons, quantum black holes and dark photons. But James Beacham is not only a physicist but also a filmmaker. He contributes to podcasts and works with artists on projects such as "Ex/Noise/CERN" on the connections between particle physics, experimental music and film. At SIF he shows that the future of science, technology and innovation will be unimaginably wild.

keynote | English

4.50 p.m.


"But is that enough?"

Dr. James Beacham loves experiments. The particle physicist at CERN is currently on the hunt for new particles and phenomena, including dark force carriers, gravitons and other beyond-the-standard model scenarios. The scientist from Southern Utah talks about a childhood experience that brought up questions about the universe. "What's outside the universe?", he once was asked by his friend and this question still accompanies him today. He talks about the Large Hadron Collider which has been the largest experiment in human history. So far it has been a wonderful success even though it is still at its beginning. But is the LHC big enough? He says that if we want to know more, we would have to go further. He says that he is ready to make the next innovation and the next big step. "Can you say the same thing?".

Furthermore, he states that it is important to not just think about the innovations intended for the next generation or the next century but to go beyond and beyond. The future of science, technology and innovation will be much wilder than we can imagine.