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Martin Sigrist

Professional inventor, Innovation factory Creaholic SA

Martin Sigrist is a trained mechanical engineer and has been fascinated by new technologies since childhood. He has worked in the field of space travel at the Institute of Physics at the University of Berne, among others. During his more than 15 years with Creaholic, Martin Sigrist has made valuable contributions to a large number of projects, mostly interdisciplinary between electronics, mechanics and design. In the Phonocut Home Vinyl Recoder project he has played a decisive role from the first line on white paper to fully functional prototypes. His involvement in some of Creaholic's start-ups, his role as an active and interested investor as well as his role on the board of directors make him a true entrepreneur.

Future Thinking - how to guide companies more accurately into the future
How can we reinvent ourselves during a crisis (and beyond)? And how can we gain a balance between investing in the future and preserving what already exists? Future Thinking, a new way of approaching strategy work, can help. The Creaholic Dreamteam uses exciting tools and a specific example to show you how forward-looking things can be created.

keynote | German