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Sascha Hardegger

Programme Manager Technology and Innovation, REGA

Sascha Hardegger has been working for the Swiss Air Rescue Rega since 2009, since May 2020 as Head of the Technology and Innovation Programme, previously as Head of Helicopter Operations and Head of Communications. He found his way to Rega through his enjoyment of flying in all its forms. As a political scientist, he is a career changer in the world of technology, but no less driven by vision and mission. He says of himself that he has always been drawn to exciting topics and steep learning curves. Born in Rheintal, he has already worked as a journalist, as a media spokesman for the Federal Department of Justice and Police, and has served in foreign missions for the Swiss army.

Air Rescue Switzerland: Head start through Innovation
Air rescue works better in Switzerland than almost anywhere else. Nevertheless, the Swiss air rescue service Rega is developing its own drone system. This is a logical step, as Rega has been using state-of-the-art technology ever since its foundation. What is the driving force behind this? And what does an established rescue organisation expect from autonomy and artificial intelligence?

keynote | German