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Zubin Damania "ZDoggMD"

Internist, Producer, Founder

Zubin Damania, M.D., is an internist and founder of the digital production studio ZDoggMD Industries. He reaches millions of viewers weekly with his medical news and entertainment show “The ZDoggMD Show”. Through in-depth interviews of medical thought leaders, mixed with merciless satire and hilarious takedowns of popular pseudoscience, Dr. Zubin Damania examines how we can all drive the development of Health 3.0. Previously he worked for ten years as a hospitalist at Stanford. During this time, he started performing stand-up comedy and creating parody videos for medical audiences worldwide. Dr. Zubin Damania also founded Turntable Health, an innovative healthcare clinic that was part of an ambitious urban revitalization movement in Las Vegas and existed for three years until 2017.

keynote | English