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Casey Neistat

Entrepreneur, film director, producer, and creator of YouTube videos

Casey Neistat lived the "american dream": from dishwasher to filmmaker. The HBO series "The Neistat Brothers" and the indie movie "Daddy Longlegs" made him famous. Neistat founded the social media app Beme, which was bought by CNN in 2016 for 25 million dollars. He now produces brand stories for global corporations on YouTube. Through social media, the Digital Native talent provides insight into the lifestyles of creative idea creators. Casey Neistat shows how companies can interact with digital creatives - and some insights into why success alone is often not enough.

keynote | English

09.00 a.m.


I was forced to innovate

Casey Neistat (Entrepreneur, film director, producer, and creator of YouTube videos) opened the conference with his inspiring speech. Growing up, he was often forced to innovate. Risk taking was never really a choice for him, but the only option he had. At one point in his life, the young father decided that he wanted to become a film maker and started to pursuit his dream. With minimal resources, he achieved a maximal output inspired through creativity and innovation.

To visualize this, he tells of an inflection point in his career. He had a deal with Nike to create three TV commercials. But instead, he took their money and travelled around the world and tried to achieve his own goals and ideas.